Custom Taggie by Calico Clouds


Customised taggie is a water ink based organic cotton print backed with super soft teddybear fur.

Machine washable at 30°on a delicate cycle, line dry, and press cotton side only.

Dimensions 30 x 40 cms

Available in a variety of combinations, please select custom design and give a description in the notes.

Great care is taken when making our products and all handmade items may vary in size slightly.


Customised Taggie by Calico Clouds

In a variety of cotton prints the Calico taggies are a great addition to any nursery or child’s bedroom that can be used all year round.

What is a Taggie?? Well I asked this when people requested them! They are small children’s comfort aids. With soft organic cotton on one side and lined with sumptuous no shed faux fur, each side has labels or tags protuding. Children hold them, rub them, tug them and fall asleep with them.

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