What makes our organic rattle Organic?

We wanted to explain what makes our organic rattles so special and helps with teething

Parents love our organic rattle because they are made from organic materials, We wanted to explain what that actually means.

The organic rattle is handmade using a crochet technique, the yarn that we use while crocheting is 100% Organic. The organic rattle has a parent friendly shaker and is surrounded by organic lambs wool. We are very proud of our organic rattles they are each crocheted by hand.

We encourage parents to wash their organic rattles on a low wash cycle to avoid colour fade. We have even placed the damp clean organic rattle in the refrigerator so when in comes into contact with the sore gums its has a cooling soothing effect.

The Carrot organic rattle was a great photo prop for our family Easter photo shoot with baby George. Thanks – Clare (Norfolk)

Alfie loves chewing his pear rattle, and the rattle doesn’t annoy us either! – Lucy (London)